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Best Sights And Activities In Morocco

Being a tourist in Morocco, whether it’s the first time or not, makes it very difficult to organize an itinerary because of the countless things to do and sights to see. This North African country is truly an eclectic tourist destination that will not run out of things to offer regardless of what kind of traveler one is because of the huge range of options that can be chosen. 

One spot to visit in Morocco is called Tanneries in Fez and it is greatly known because of their abundance in leather products that are mostly from bazaars found in old medina. The most fascinating about the tanneries in Morocco is that they have been selling their goods since the medieval times, but they haven’t changed a bit. This place also offers a great view once the tourists head to the courtyard of Chaouwara Tannery because it is elevated from the other tanneries, giving tourists a different view of the sunshine and the colorfully dyed skins that are displayed to dry out under the sun.

If tourists want to experience walking along streets that are predominantly blue in color, they should head out to the Streets of Chefchaouen which is located at a place in Morocco called Rif Mountains. This town is actually a pretty good chance to take a breather and slow things down when the schedule of going around gets a little too hectic because a lot of people describe this town as the “sleepy town.” This place was built around the 15th century and has since then been the solace and refuge of Muslim and Jew brothers during the Spanish reconquest. What tourists really love about the Rif Mountains is that it has a bohemian vibe, along with the beautiful streets lined with cobblestones; the buildings are also amazingly painted with various hues of the color blue. This is definitely one of the attractions where people can immerse themselves and learn more about the culture. 

For tourists who are looking to do something unique in their trip to Morocco, it’s probably not a bad idea to consider learning how to cook the way they do it there in Morocco. People all over the world are pretty familiar with how Moroccan cuisine is famous for infusing different spices into the food that they cook, but the secret is really in the unique methods they use to prepare and cook the ingredients that they have. The uniqueness of the Moroccan cooking method is because of the combination of various influences such as French, Andalusians, Arabs, and Berbers. A lot of the guest houses offer these cooking lessons which means it’s not gonna be difficult for tourists to find and sign up for them. The best cooking lessons are the ones that will allow tourists to experience buying fresh ingredients in the market before actually cooking them. The highlight of this experience is being able to taste one’s own cooking and finally confirm all the techniques that were taught during the class.

With all the amazing things to do and see in Morocco, it’s not a surprise for people to always include this in their list.…

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Top Things To Do In Mexico

When people think about going to Mexico, the first thing they think about is relaxing on a beach chair and enjoying the view. The good thing about this country is that it has a rich culture that can allow people to do various things when traveling there. 

People can do museum hopping once they arrive in Mexico considering that it has the most number of museums compared any other city on the planet. The most popular museum that people can visit is the Frida Kahlo House and to be able to visit it, tourists are advised to purchase their ticket online to be able to skip the queues in the ticket booths.

It is also a must for tourists to experience one of the most famous event in Mexico which is the Day of the Dead. This is one of the most historical events because it dates back to the time of the Aztecs which is meant to honor the dead. Even though death tends to be associated with sad and negative emotions, it is a very festive occasion in Mexico because they have a way of honoring the special people in their lives who have passed on. As a matter of fact, during Day of the Dead, various families visit cemetery to decorate the graves of their loved ones and sometimes they even spend the night there. 

Tourists are also very much encouraged to visit an island called Cozumel because there are a lot of things that can be enjoyed in this place. Aside from enjoy the beautiful nature, people will also be able to experience diving in crystal clear waters and observe the marine life first-hand. This place is also the perfect spot where people can become certified in scuba diving because of the numerous shops that offer this service at very affordable price ranges.

One of the most famous spots in Mexico is called Chichen Itza which is a Mayan city that is part of the New 7 Wonders of the World. It is so famous that this spot alone attracts millions of visitors in a single year. When visiting this spot, it is a must to see the Temple of Kukulkan that was built in honor of a a feathered serpent God from the Mayan civilization. It is also advised that when visiting this place a tourist guide should be hired to be assured that all the most notable and historical spots will be part of the itinerary. 

Lastly, it goes without saying that a trip in Mexico is incomplete without eating as much tacos as possible. There literally is a taco truck in every corner of Mexico and they will taste delicious every single time because they are treated as art here, unlike in other places where taco is just a food. This is the perfect food when backpacking because they are delicious and very budget friendly. 

Will all these very interesting and diverse activities to do in Mexico, any tourist will surely find numerous reasons to go back and further explore what the culture has to offer.…

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Places to visit in Vietnam

Asia offers various tourist destinations in the world which is why so many people visit the continent every year. Vietnam is one of the countries most people consider to travel. Vietnam offers travelers a rich and varied cultural history, combined with the charm of a country with the exception of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Its tourism industry has developed to the point where it provides excellent quality accommodation in popular destinations and must-see places on your vacation here.


If you are looking for a city for all the attractions that you do not want to miss, then go for a day trip to Hanoi. In Hanoi, do not forget to visit the Museum of War, which has seen the pain and suffering of Vietnam in the last decades. If you do not mind entering a world of horror for some time, you can examine the protected body of the mighty Ho Chi Minh.

Halong Bay

Hanoi is also the clear starting point for a trip to see Halong Bay with its extremely impressive limestone formations. Most people explore the area of traditional Vietnamese garbage. Apart from sailing through some great scenery, you will also have the chance to explore some of the naturally built limestone caves.

Ho Chi Minh

Presents its amazing history. It also offers amazing architecture with a blend of French culture. The city offers amazing Vietnamese features that make this city one of the most visited cities in this beautiful country.


Another popular trip from Hanoi is Sapa in the northeast corner of the country. This colorful hill station is accessible from Hanoi by an easy night train and is home to local hill tribes who congregate at the thriving market to sell their wares. The serenity of the valleys and verandah roofs is a welcome relief from the crowded and polluted cities and many Hanoi residents choose to flee here on weekends to escape the heat of the city.


The city is a very attractive and beautiful place to visit. With the best mix of Vietnamese, Chinese, and French influences, there are fantastic restaurants to eat and some beautifully preserved Chinese-style homes to visit. The city is also famous for its shopping, as there are a variety of shoemakers and tellers to recreate any piece of clothing.

Da nang

The country’s fourth-largest city, Da Nang is a popular place due to its proximity to the famous China coast. It is close to Langku Beach, with its palm tree-lined beaches and clear water. The area is quite popular for those who like its less crowded beaches. The Da Nang Coast spans 30 kilometers, is famous for its calm and cool waters, and is popular for fishing, water skiing, diving, and sailing.

These are some of the best places you need to consider if you want to visit the beautiful country of Vietnam. This country is one of the best countries in Asia which has offered great tourist destinations and that is why this country is a great place for vacation. Check out these beautiful cities and you will definitely enjoy your vacation in this wonderful country.…

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Top 5 Attractions To Visit New Zealand

Traveling to New Zealand is on the wish list of most individuals.  Famous movies such as The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings inspire most of these individuals. A visit to New Zealand will reveal more than you see in the movies, television, or magazines. The only shortcoming is that you probably have to cross the Pacific, which is not very cheap. 

Since New Zealand is an island, you can expect some magnificent coastlines with distinct features such as the caves. Once you land in Australia, getting around is pretty straightforward. You can hire a car, or grab a travel ass from a local bus company. Besides the US Dollar, the Euro and Sterling Pound are acceptable in the country. The only downside of traveling to New Zealand is that the budget is higher.

What to expect

Although there are many places to visit in New Zealand, here are the top 5 that you can’t afford to miss. 

  1. Diverse wildlife

If you love wildlife, then your stay in New Zealand will be unforgettable. Together with Australia, New Zealand is considered the last continent to evolve, and thus there are animals you will see nowhere else in the world. Rare dolphins, prehistoric reptiles, birds, and a variety of marine life are wildlife you will see. In Auckland, Wellington and Rotorua have zoos and reserves with popular kiwi birds.

  1. Magical landscapes

The fantastic landscapes have made New Zealand major filming destinations for most film crews. If you love hiking, then youll love the natural hiking experience that New Zealand has to offer. The natural landscapes are unique, and the scenes are so refreshing, like Mount Earnslaw.

  1. Bay of Islands

Just 3 hours from Auckland, the Bay of Islands is ideal for watersports, swimming, and fishing. There are a variety of tours that you can enjoy in this region. The region has some attractions such as the Hole in the Rock. Hotels are also available for dining and accommodation.

  1. Renown vineyards

Viticulture is widespread in New Zealand, favored by the fertile soil and temperate climate. There are a variety of grapes grown in different regions, such as Waiheke Island. Also, Marlborough leads in the country‚Äôs wine industry. The Central Otago has numerous red grape varieties that will make your stay there super amazing. 

  1. Ancient Culture

For culture enthusiasts, you cant exhaust the cultural experience that you can learn here. Maori culture is one of the oldest indigenous cultures in the world. You will come across numerous Maori phrases along the streets, TV programs, and everyday life. There is more, Waitangi Day is one of the most significant cultural festivals in New Zealand. The friendliness of the natives is remarkable and makes you wish to stay longer. 


Frankly, you cannot get enough of New Zealand. Canyoning in Waitomo, Hiking, Skiing, Bungy jumping, White water rafting, skydiving, Kayaking, and so much more awaits in New Zealand. In case you have to prepare your adrenaline, you plan to travel there.

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